•  The company products are mainly in the service of the intelligent, automatic control of all kinds of industrial equipment. The main products are: fountain waterscape control...
      Waterscape Fountain Controller
      Water Supply and Drainage Controller
      Environmental Protection Equipment Controller
      Programmable Timer
      Temperature Controller
      Hot-runner Controller
      Electronic Control System
      NC(number control) pipe-bending Servo Controller
        Changzhou Xionghua Tongtai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2003, professional in industrial equipments, intelligence and automation control equipments. The development direction of Xionghua is relying on the modern chip technology to develop special controllers for our customers (with the function of A/D, D/A, logic operation, fuzzy control, parameter display and setting, etc). The functions of our products have reached completely and even surpassed PLC, and with the cost ...[detail]
     Flexible manufacturing system (FMS)
     Tapping drilling automation equipment is introduced
     The air traffic control system
     With the help of automation and energy efficient industrial
     The production and process automation
     Hot runner temperature control system is developed
     Running Fountain and Jumping Fountain in Zhengzhou
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